sigh i haven’t used this blog like at all but i’ve been having a rough time so maybe i should

im super depressed currently tbh but i hate admitting it to anyone

downswinger supreme

i’m gonna do it see if i care

kinda want to be held kinda want to float away into space and never think or exist again ever

i dont understand how people can be blogging like their lives haven’t been turned upside down and inside out. i know it’s because their lives haven’t done that, but it is still baffling. how does life work? how do people move on?

i’m dissoc so bad rn and it’s partially bc of the st johns wort and i went to talk to my mom about it and she asked about dissoc and i told her and she decided to tell me that my dad was (and still is, to an extent) abusive. i’m dissociating and crying and in shock how the fuck am i going to get my shit done lskdjga fuckig shti

oh my god i’ve been caring for myself SO WELL this morning i sketched out an outline of my possible otherkin-sona and went for a run and took a shower and i feel good

and then somebody goes anD REBLOGS THE COMA POST

i read the first few words and noped the fuck outta there

->my zucchini is talking to me about what to do when self harm urges come up

->casually pinching the whole time

whoops i did the thing.

i don’t feel as good as i usually do so that’s disappointing, but that’s what i get for stopping myself from doing more. at least i’m not panicking anymore ye